With recent developments in our industry concerning the safety and protocols in place to protect talent in the work environment, we are sensing a great deal of confusion and discomfort. We understand this can be very troubling times, and making decisions about your participation in our line of work, very stressful. We encourage our talent, or any talent, to contact us regarding the existing protocols and how they work to protect you.

We are here to help you make informed decisions and support you in your decisions in regards to work. There has been great change in our industry during the summer of 2013 and more may be coming. Rest assured, we will grow from this and strengthen our resolve as an agency that will aid you in making the best decisions regarding your health, safety and well being.

My phone is always on for those that have it, and for those that don’t feel free to reach out via our website or social media.

Be safe, and lets all take care of ourselves.

John O’Byrne
East Coast Talents