The face of Adult Entertainment producers has changed so much in the last decade. There is currently a larger number of smaller independent producers than there are major companies producing adult content. This is a great revenue source for new and established talent. We will be interviewing some of these producers so that fans and talent can get to know them and their business better.

FeetOfPhilly Whats up buddy? Tell Us a Little Bit About Your Company.

I have been in the porn biz since 2000.  First, as male talent in the Northeast, i.e. Philly, NYC.  I then decided that rather and drive several hours in all directions, I’d rather do this myself.  I also have been hosting Foot Worship Parties in Philadelphia for over 13 years.  It’s totally crazy being a porn producer, being my own talent, doing my own editing AND hosting events but it’s very rewarding and something I love doing.  Every day is a new day.  Lots of companies here and all over have come and gone, and here I am, still doing this and growing and getting bigger.  I now have four clips stores,,,, and an anal members site,  I am also talking to a large network regarding several foot worship, footjob and tickling member sites.  My company is rapidly growing each month and even during tougher times for porn companies, I am growing.


Chloe Foster

How Did You Get Started in Porn?

Long story short, when I got the internet at home, it opened up many doors to see that there were a lot of people just like myself.  Since I was about 18, when all we had were magazines, I always thought…….” I can do this “.  Back then, there was no internet or it was just getting started, and all I had were magazines and hot girls and feet and boy girl anal were always major turn ons and I was naturally drawn to the porn business.  Once online, I discovered a company called Gotham Video in Queens, NY.  I remember snail mailing them pics of myself after I emailed them and they said they’d use me all the time if I showed up and was reliable.  Knowing me, I was right there, lol.  I still remember the bright lights and it came natural to me and I never looked back.  They shot lots of fetish scenes, but I was their foot worship and footjob male talent.  I always had good sales jobs and loved what I did, all the while doing the porn biz.  However, in 2011, I could no longer do both and I took the leap of faith and did porn full time and I have never looked back.  I love what I do.  I now mainly shoot in Florida & LA but do occasionally in Philly depending on any new girls from the area or girls passing through town featuring at clubs, etc. I love my identity here in Philly especially since it’s not a porn hotbed so to speak. I have built excellent relationships with all the major agencies in LA & Florida and throughout the country and I love to travel and meet new people.

How long have you been shooting?

It was 13 years in March, so just over 13 years.

Chloe Brooke and Cadence Lux

Chloe Brooke and Cadence Lux

FEET are obviously your thing but the Anal love is there as well. If ya had to choose between the two?

Wow, tough one.  I’d say they are neck and neck.  I like both equally.


Rahyndee James

Tell us about your decision to shoot more in South Florida.

There seems and there IS so much brand new fresh talent there.  I like working with the people down there.  As in LA, I have an excellent camera guy named Dommy B who I hit it off with instantly and he makes the job so much easier with his expert camera work and he’s innovative and brings a lot of humor to the set, while being a total professional, plus he’s a Philly guy originally, lol!.  Most of all I really enjoy the business relationship and friendship I’ve established with John O’Byrne from East Coast Talents.  I have booked a ton of girls through John since 2006.  He finds the hottest, freshest young talent that enter the biz.  In a lot of cases, I get to some of these girls before the bigger studios even do.  John’s job is not easy and he makes my job easy.  Whether it’s needing a ride to and from the airport, being driven to a shoot, crashing at his place, hanging at Duddy’s, lol, he’s been great to me.  Another reason I like South Fla is the much quicker flight and I can fly out of Atlantic City Airport which is very convenient for me.  I can also line up longer or shorter shoot trips and it’s great.  There’s lots of flexibility.

How does shooting in South Florida compare to LA or Philly even? Do you have a preference?

Florida, in my opinion is where the freshest talent already is and before they hit LA.  In a lot of cases, LA talent is also coming to South Florida, making it much easier on me.  I love to fly but that trip to LA from Philly can be so long and it can be a lot more expensive but don’t get me wrong, I do love LA and that scene.  The South Fla scene is more of a gonzo scene which I always liked.  I do like the brighter glitzier LA sets, too, however.  I would say the shorter travel and the freshest talent and East Coast Talents and Dommy B is why I lean more to South Fla now. Also, there are the most set options for me.  There are several outdoor locations, even a pool and backyard where I can shoot full anal scenes!  I of course, love Philly.  I do shoot here at times, usually when girls are already here and passing through or maybe some Model Mayhem foot model types.
I hear you are a raging sports fan. How are feeling about the coming Eagles season?

LOL, I love that you asked me about this.  I’m a four major sports kinda guy.  I root for all my local teams with devout loyalty.  This includes soccer, local college teams, etc, etc…You’ll hear me bitch and complain, but I always stick through them through thick and thin and the good times and the bad.  We are passionate here.  It’s a way of life.  We love sports talk radio and it has a huge impact here.  I’m baseball first, because that’s my favorite sport and the one I played the most. but I love all my teams equally.  As for the Eagles…..hmmm……great question, lol.  I’ll try and keep this one short, lol!  I love the Chip Kelly hire.  Whether he’s Bill Belichick or Steve Spurrier remains to be seen.  He could be the next genius mind in football or a total disaster, but I am looking forward to the ride and finding out.  People here in Philly will give Kelly a one year pass to get his personnel in order and to find his guys and for the system to work.  After that, we will want to see progress.  In the NFL, you never really know though, in this era where players are always moving, there is no reason to suck for 20 years.  I think things can be turned around pretty quickly – 2-3 years but be competitive the whole way.  The Colts and Redskins turned it around quickly albeit with franchise quarterbacks, which the Eagles don’t know what they have yet.  I kind of like Matt Barkley but we won’t know yet, Nick Foles, can Vick play?  Vick has the skill set but maybe if it were 5-8 years ago and not now.  We’ll see though.  That’s why they play the games, lol.  I’m just glad that it’s a different philosophy with game plans that seem to be taking over the NFL these days.  I can’t wait for training camp!

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