Eliza_Avatar_1Petite dream, Eliza Jane makes her IR debut on BLACKED.COM. A fnatasy scenario that sets Eliza as a young waitress in debt and willing to do anything settle up. BLACKED.OM and the crew prove once again why they are the premiere online destination for Interracial fantasy themes.

A fresh face on the adult performer scene, Eliza Jane made her way over form webcam performer to Adult Video and has garnered a lot of interest along the way. “I love performing, that’s probably what drew me to web-camming. I really loved working on the for BLACKED.COM the fantasy was fun and easy to get into which helped with my nerves, being my first IR scene and all.” said Eliza when asked about her set experience on the project.

Out now and available to members. A preview of the scene can be found here: Naughty Blonde Punished for Debt with BBC