Here comes the contests….As fall comes so do all of the porn performer contests, leading up to the grand daddy of them all… MISS FREEONES. With $30k in prize money I think we can all see why it has become the biggest.

Miss Freeones recently kicked off and round 1 has begun. ECT is happy to have two of our clients, Sabrina Banks and Gianna Nicole, are in the running for Best New Comer, we of course encourage you to head on over and vote for your favorite.

Contests do not come without controversy and Miss Freeones has a fairly “spicy” past when it comes to this. We really don’t think it is our place to say whether ANY of these contests are fair. But we do feel they are useful and we list a few reasons why you should care about contests regardless of whether they are “rigged”.

Competition is Good
Some people are naturally driven, most need a cause to motivate them. No better way to better yourself than some friendly competition among peers.

Exposure is Never Bad.
The more you can raise your profile as a performer, good things will happen. Contests are good for this. Even if you don’t win, you still don’t loose.

Having Goals is a Good Habit
More talent should be task oriented. Performer money comes easy and fast. Easy money always leads to lazy people. Having short term goals that you can work toward will help offset that “I get it when I need it” habit. You should always be getting it…not just when you need it.

Learning How to Play the Game
Loosing (or Winning) gracefully is a skill everyone should have in life, few always come out on top and no one likes the ones that remind us when they do.

Fans Really Do Want to Help You
Asking to be sent free stuff all the time gets old. Engaging your fans with a challenge that you can use their help on, brings them closer to you. Getting them to help you or admitting that you need their help goes a lot farther than calling them “civilians” and pretending to be better than them.

So even if you are cynical and think the contest are “rigged”, or even you have proof they are, there is more to them than just winning. And if you are playing this game only to win then you need to go back to grade school and learn a lesson or two on sportsmanship.