We recently received an email from a potential new client looking to book our talent. After some back and forth it appears they were unhappy that we were trying to “dictate how they run their business”. As an agent our responsibility is to the talent that contracts us to book them work. Adult entertainment productions are far from cookie cutter, this we understand. However it is important that we as agents do our diligence and find out the information our clients (the talent you are looking to book) needs to make an informed decision about whether they would like to take the booking.

Certain factors are a minimum. Talent establishes their rates and should, as a producer, you decide to pay that rate…great. If not there may be others we represent that have not established that price point and may fit within your shoot budget. We will also need to know safety issues, like if you are legit? where you shoot at? how long do your shoots typically take? And a host of other questions.

Something new that comes into play is what male talent do you typically cast? With health issues being at the forefront of all talents mind these days we are curious if you are shooting with established male talent that knows the system, the protocols and handles their profession, well professionally. We know our talent, we would like to know if you know yours.

We are not trying to dictate your productions, we know you have your own set of challenges to deal with when producing adult content. We are simply trying to represent our clients the best that we can. We don’t make the final decision as to whether or not the talent will take your offer. But if we do not have all the information we need to present them a safe, solid and respectable booking, we won’t waste their time. We can’t please everyone and there will be some disagreements along the way but to make things smoother we suggest you have as much information as possible when presenting your booking proposals.