As we wrap up 2013 all of us at EastCoastTalent find it bittersweet. As a company we have grown substantially and have put systems into place to continue our growth. We work everyday at not only representing our talent better, but being more efficient and more creative at it.

At the same time, this past year has been a difficult one for our industry. We continue to battle a lack of demand for our product, increased piracy and of course, media scrutiny over our testing protocols. There were days when all of these and other factors made it hard to fight everyday, but I am confident that the industry as a whole will start to see some change in 2014.

We will continue to work hard for our talent and present them with the best options, safe options. While securing them the best bookings, and supporting them in their efforts to build their names and compete in a crowded talent pool. We will also continue to work with studios, producers and directors toward helping them with their talent needs and project demands.

Attacking a problem is the best way to solve it, and hard work is the best way to weather tough times. It is easy to be optimistic at the beginning of a new year and we join all of you in being determined to make 2014 a great one. It is also realistic to know that without focus, hard work, and honest commitment that we will all be here next year singing the same sad song of troubled times. Myself and those that make ECT what it is are determined to make the end of 2014 worth remembering, more than just being eager to look ahead. It starts now…wanna join us?

– John